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We provide a wide range of options for Infrastructure, Development and Analysis of genomic data. Together with Softlayer, a giant in hosting and cloud computing, we can provide you the most secure storage and eficiente processing for your genomic analysis ...more

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the giant of hosting and cloud services SoftLayer Technologies – a global cloud infrastructure platform built for Internet scale. Headquartered in Dallas and with an infrastructure spanning data centers in the United States ...more

The connections are growing. The Beagle Bioinformatics joined the Start-Up Chile family in the last July and will receive a $40,000 investment to keep making science in a different way.

“We’re importing and bringing to Chile people that have good ideas ...more

Recently the magazine Farol Digital published an article about the IT startups from the region of ParaĆ­ba which have not been consolidated in the market but are highly innovative and have a high potential to surrender much fruit in the near future. The Paraiba attends today ...more